Is it a pillow??

You may think this a pillow…..Looks, like a pillow…..could it be something else… possibly another place to store your stash of … say…rolled up sweatshirt fabric…. 🙂

Supplies I used:

fabric for base: 25″ square

50″ of trim to go down each side

I embroidered”Silent Night” in a pretty script font, centered on the base fabric. Stitch the trim down each side leaving @ 5″ for the ends and small casing. Sew the long seam into a tube. On each end sew a small-ish casing about 1/2 ” and leave and opening to thread a ribbon through to pull the roll together.Close one side/end then,I rolled up the stash fabric into a tube to fit the pillow and stuffed it in. Pull closed the open end and tuck in the ribbon ends…

Shhh… don’t tell!;_)


3 responses

  1. How cute is that!!!!
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh I am so doing this idea. Thank you so much. Love it.

    1. Hi Jennifer! How are all the ZTA embroideries coming along??

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