Sewing at the Beach Evening classes 2012

** Welcome all white Wednesday friends, enjoy my blog and come back soon!**

As if the day classes weren’t enough… 😉

Wednesday Night Class: January 18th, 2012

Oh I’m thrilled to offer this class… It’s my recycled up-cycled felted wool pillow. This is a machine class open to any and all machine, you will need a darning foot/freemotion foot if you have one fore your machine. If not then a regular straight stitch foot will work. Natural thread construction thread needed as well as basic sewing supplies.

Thursday Evening January 19th, 2012  I am teaching my freemotion monogram class. Here is the complete link to the information for the class:

Friday Evening class January 20th. A resent poll on crafting found that the number one craft today is….. crochet…. hummmm so my last evening class of the school:

Crochet roll holder, made completely in the hoop. Must have embroidery machine with large-hoop (6×10, 7×11 or 8 x12 inch hoops) capabilities,
embroidery unit and hoops, sewing supplies, bobbin thread, spool of thread metler 40 weight, whatever you have from any number of the classes will work.  I folded the top flap back to show the hooks. that flap holds the hooks secure when rolling them up as not to fall out.

As with the day class and especially for the machine embroidery design when you sign up I need your email address prior to school as to send the class design ahead of time.


2 responses

  1. Hi Terry,
    Your site was posted in our minutes from SSS. I am taking one of your night classes and I will be glad to see you. Hope all is well with your family and may you all have a wonderful new year.
    Linda Quinn

    1. Thank you Linda! I look forward to meeting you and for Sewing at the beach 2012! See you soon!

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