My sewing room…

Since I have shown my Friends sewing rooms, it’s only fair that I show  mine. The really great part about this is that I had to load up my room to go to my classes in Daniel Island this weekend so my room looks fairly clean.

Enjoy while I’m gone, and could you vacuum on your way out!

Walk into my sewing room….This is where the magic takes place….Since it’s a relatively small room (14×20 more or less) I make the most of vertical spaceand I have an additional 6×14 screened in porch.Somehow, I stuff it all in????My cutting table made from purchased salvaged kitchen cabinets  and these garbage picked cabinets, wood and parts to make this free embroidery station. My room is comprised of all sorts of found, re-purposed, salvaged items.

The room itself was made from a second story screen-in porch. I did most of the labor from sheet rock to mudding to sort of molding.This is my most expensive piece of furniture, purchased new from Sam’s for $162.00.View from my screen in ironing porchAgh… my fun little toy… My Big Shot Sizzix! If you don’t know about die machines and die cutting… Ask me. I am a demonstrator for “Stampin up” and I can hook you up with a super machine, exclusive dies and the good ones to “have” and purchase with your 40% off coupons from Michaels/Joann’s what ever you’re lucky enough to have in your town! I’m planning on posting the fun things to do with your machine in the near future so come back and check it out!

Well, see ya Monday!


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  1. Thank goodness I found you, Terri. It’s Dottie Brunson in Latta here. Am thinking of getting my 5 yr. old granddaughter and her mother a Sizzix for Christmas. I loved doing the pillow with the stuff we cut at SATB in Feb. My daughter is Early Childhood and Elementary Music Teacher who likes to do fun things and Raney is in to everything so thought they would have fun with one. Will watch for updates from you. We have a Joann’s in Florence

  2. Hey Mom! Blog looks great, keep it up 🙂

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