Make a well fitting Ironing board cover.

Ew.. I looked at the pictures from yesterday and my ironing board looks terrible.

So… Here’s a tip and simple way to make a ironing board cover.

Need I say… Recycle, re-purpose something for your cotton woven fabric. I like a heavier weight. My sister gave me a shower curtain a couple of years ago because she was moving and her new house wasn’t going to have a blue and white bathroom. Anyway.. A shower curtain!

Lay the fabric over the board and cut a around the fabric about 4″ down all the way around the shape.

I don’t like saggy iron covers, so I make a pocket to fit the top point section.Lay  more fabric with the right side down covering the front section only. Only as far as the under support will allow you.

I baste around the edges first then I “try-it-on” for size. Pin the seam even tighter this time. Take the cover off again and sew where you marked with pins. See all the  extra seam allowance? I trimmed it up to about an inch at the curve/point section only.

For the rest of the cover I make it as usual. I  make the casing and threading the cording in one easy step by laying the cording in the casing as I sew. I forgot to take a photo of this so here’s what it looks like:I start the casing at the back and go all the way around and end at the back. Pu the cove back on the board, draw the cord lines tight and smooth out the cover for a perfect fit.

Now here is my pretty new cover, all clean and ready for another photo shoot!I only hope the weather stays as nice as today so I can keep on using my screening porch room.


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