Turning a collarI


This is my Husbands favorite shirt…. He has had it since 1985. I know this because it was one of the first shirts I monogrammed for our then business.

The collar is all torn and worn and… well, you might even think it ready for the goodwill pile. BUT NO!! The only worn place it the collar, so “turn it!”

My Nana did this while I watched one summer, and have continued the practice for our clothes. Everytime I do one of these I think of her… so I like to do this.

Turning a collar isn’t hard or time consuming either. Grab a seam ripper and carefully pick the stitches holding the collar to the undercollar.I start at the center back and rip to the ends. It’s kinda tricky to start and if I should make a little boo-boo then no one will ever know at the center back!

Clean up all the threads and such before you press and starch a bit. Darn the holes through one layer only.

Turn the collar over and starch and press the under collar and the collar, you can go heavy here on the starch because that makes the sewing easier. Slip the collar back into place (make sure you put the mended side underneath… )

I made a shorter straight stitch length than originally sewn somewhere in the 2.0 range. This is just to secure the worn fabric a bit better.

Finished! Hardly any time at all, which totally saves me having to go buy a new shirt…. ugh!

Now this technique also works with worn and torn cuffs too!


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