Farm Day November 2011

What a great day to live on a farm.

It was Farm Day at the Living Museum and I Loved it!!! My youngest Son and I were out on the farm before 9 this morning and stayed until about 3 when I had to get back to real life and daughters social schedule. Darn…. It’s such a pleasure and treat to go back into time and slow down and live a simple life style if only for a day! Enjoy these pictures and help me vote on a name… more on that in this blog…Ok, first off…. it was COLD this morning and This was the first order of business! Oh, man there is nothing like the real heat that this beauty puts out!  In my home we heat with an electric heat pump and to be honest all it does is blow cold air out and somehow (?) that’s supposed to heat our home….. it’s a lie, because we are always cold. BUT… with this, I was warm and toasty, in fact one time it was a bit too hot and the doors and window was open!

I was sewing on the 1881 Singer 127 vibrating shuttle treadle sewing machine. I was making aprons for the farm. Yes, the cast iron irons are what I used to press with and my hands stayed so warm, much warmer than typing this blog!

cotton gathering was one part of the day

Cutting down sugar cane and syruping making with the mule…


de-kernel-ing the ears of dry corn to mill corn  flour, grits…etc

Smokehouse for curing meat

Above ground cellar for root vegetables

There were kid crafts and soap making and games being played. Powing fields with the mule and blacksmithing and…. life on a farm. My favorite was Cathy dyeing cotton  outside over the fire. It doesn’t look like much before spinning….But look what Cathy spun for me…. This is organically grown colored cotton. Meaning that it is not your typical white cotton in the fields, it is the brown or green or yellow growing on the cotton plant. This type of cotton is more hearty and uses less pesticides, and then you don’t have to dye it before your spin or use it! This picture doesn’t do it justice, the feel and smell alone is wonderful. The color is more a light brown and green mix of the two different cottons, very pretty! Now Cathy told me I could name the yarn…. So this was the question of the day! Here  are the choices and let me know what you think this name should be:

1. Autumn Tweed

2. Sugar and spice



5 “String” pronounced like “Strang!” a three year old little boy called that out in front of a whole group of people and they all laughed! What a cutie pie!

So let me know what you think.









3 responses

  1. Autumn Tweed !

  2. Yes, for sure Autumn Tweed! What a terrific place this farm is! While others are learning from you and your demonstrations,I bet you learn a lot from others. That makes for a great day.

  3. I say SUGAR & SPICE…Thanks for sharing your fun day!

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