Orange Blossom Stitcher’s of Orlando Fl.

I’m home now after a wonderful workshop weekend with the delightful Orange Blossom Stitcher’s.

We kicked off the weekend with the Shadow work pear class.

Kathiann and Elizabeth just zoomed through the day. We met at a wonderful church with the best lighting of any class I have taught. We weren’t rushed in anyway and everyone just about completed the entire project.


Naturally what sewing workshop would be complete without goodies…

The evening class was freemotion monograms …


The next morning we started on Our Die cut pillow designs. I absolutely have so much fun teaching this class. The guild opted to make their own kits. I actually like that best for this project, everyone  ends up with the colors and combinations they like and want. The really cool part everyones is completely different. The bad part is that my camera’s flash must have messed up and I don’t have a picture of everyones. Here are a few….

Isn’t this gorgous! Charlotte did an amazing job! And Jen’s is so much fun and    3-D with the Flower folds die I sell in my Stampin-up collection. Look at the Large Zig-zag trim from the Trims dies too… That one is a new one and so many uses! If you’re interested in the dies write a comment and I’ll get back to you with some information.


Now there is a story to this pillow…. Maryke decided the evening before that she could take this class. She was talking about some antique family linens she had that were stained and had holes.   The above was a portion of a tablecloth that  had only one small hole. The ecru fabric was a different section of the table cloth that was stained. How cool! She was able to create a wonderful heirloom envelope pillow which she is planning on giving as a Christmas gift to a family member.

I really believe everyone had a wonderful time and learned new things to create with sewing!

 …and the best way to conclude …. dinner!

Need I say more?? Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening to celebrate our fabulous weekend!



4 responses

  1. Your classes are so different from the usual offerings! The projects and techniques are all just fabulous–there’s a lot of “meat” in these classes. Wish I could have come.

    1. Me too!! You would like these ladies and have so much in common!

  2. Hey Terri, I loved your classes! Traveling all the way from Atlanta was worth it. I am very interested in the die kits, I would love to have that information.

    Mary Frame

  3. […] from  South Carolina friends.  First, Terri Click (The Thrifty Needle) of Conway arrived after teaching in Orlando (I’ll share more of that visit in a future post).  She has posted photos of my sewing room […]

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