knitted fingerless mits

I went to Knit and Purl Saturday morning and while I was browsing the shop the owner and I were chatting. I mentioned my cold hands (I’m always cold?)  Phyllis lent me the shops fingerless mittens made out of a lovely soft wool. I was so sad to give them back that I had to go home and make a pair for myself. So ere’s my pattern:

Knitted Fingerless Mits


I purchased one  50g ball of Ironstone color changing wool blend. This little pattern will only need about 100 yard of worsted weight yarn, so raid your stash!

I knitted using 3 Double pointed needles size 7

Cast on 21 stitches on the first needle and continue onto the second dpn casting on 21 more stitches. A total of 42.

join into a circle without twisting stitches and K3 P3 . The first needle will start and end with 3 knit stitches and the second needle with start and end with 3 purl stitches.

Follow this pattern until  approximately  2″ from the top edge. Prepare to make the thumb opening,  instead of knitting in a circle at the first needle turn your work and follow your knit /purl to the end  of the second needle and turn back again. You are now knitting a flat piece so follow your pattern as to knitting or purling. Do this for about 2″.

To close off the thumb hole, instead of turning the work, join back into a circle following the knit/purl pattern for 4″ past thumb hole and bind off.

Tie in ends and wear! These are perfect for holding a book and reading or… for knitting more!!



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