Real Sewing rooms

This is NOT my sewing room… drat…but a new friend of mine from Greenville, SC, Barbara.I have been looking at the new publications  on sewing studios and other dreamy places, but I sometimes see an all too perfect place.  I know if my room were to be in a magazine I too would hire an extreme makeover team. But that’s not real… I want to see how people work and create; how they are inspired to dream up new and different ideas. Barbara’s place inspired me because it was real, and I could see the thought process in her creating. She was complaining that her sewing room was a mess and for me Not to take pictures, so she sent me these instead and I love them.

To die for shelves and bolts of yummy fabric waiting to be used! Desks made from cabinetry are perfect for taller girls like Barbara, this would kill Janice, my little 4 ft friend! Ergonomics should play an important role in your sewing room. So much more quality work can happen when we have proper lighting and seat/height adjustments.

Go to Barbara’s online shop to see more of her work:

Now… this is my work for this evening…Do you see that bottom half…. I want it to look like the top half… I opened the doors and the fabric just started jumping off the shelves.  Seriously!




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  1. The top shelves of your cupboard look great! You’ve motivated me to get started, BUT—–FYI I am 5′ 1/2″ tall!!! I keep a 3-step ladder in the sewing room for those up top areas, but can almost reach the top shelf of my refrigerator without artificial elevation. So there.

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