Fabric Storage Part 2

I spent the morning folding fabric….I had already pulled the over-stuffed section out before I snapped this photo. When I was a little girl I shared a room with my 2 younger sisters. My Mother had strict rules about organization and cleanliness, we were to keep our rooms and drawers tidy. If they were not, when we came home from school everything was dumped out on the floor and we had to clean it up. When I pulled all  my fabric out , I just kept thinking about my Mother and all those (mostly only my drawers were dumped) messes I had to clean up.

Anyway. I folded and stacked all day it seemed and surprise, surprise when the UPS came later this afternoon with my 200 comic board inserts. I originally thought 200 would be overkill….. I ran out! eekkk

This is the first cabinet:

Amazingly it all fit back in, with a touch bit more room too. All the fabric is like mini bolts, except for the smaller bits which I folded in color coordinated piles to find and use up! I seriously need to go on a fabric diet….

Here is the top half of another cabinet:oh, so neat and tidy…. this just makes me happy! My mother would be proud of me!



5 responses

  1. ooooh! Your fabric organization is lovely. Once again, you have inspired me. I’ll be ordering these comic boards, but it’s going to take me longer than an afternoon to get that kind of order. Thanks, Terri!

    1. Oh Do it, do it!! Order twice as many as you think you are going to need because… well…. just trust me on this. We have lied so long about our “collections” and they multiply when we aren’t looking. I’ll help you start when I come to visit!

  2. What a transformation…doesn’t even look like the same fabric!!!

    1. It really is too!! I did take out the knit fabrics stuffed in front because I have a project in mind. Everything else was in there and went back! I had a couple of appliqué orders today and it was easy cheesy, because I could SEE the fabric I needed. Thanks…

  3. […] been busy wrapping my fabrics onto the comic book boards Terri Click talked about in one of her blog posts about organization.  That was a great […]

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