Fabric storage

I embroider a lot of appliqués for customers out of a Children’s boutique in downtown Conway called, Little Angels.

Customers will pick out fabric and designs and place their order with a shop downtown. I have made two matching books of fabric samples so ladies can pick out fabric they like and I will know what to do with their order when I start to work on it at home. It’s not rocket science, but I stay busy enough.

The most difficult part is trying to stay organized in my tiny studio. I can be very productive when all I have to do is lay my hands on a particular fabric… But … lately …mayhem!

Two nights ago I was perusing the blog world and I found these really terrific fabric organizers:


They are precut boards with tabs to hold the fabric in place. Great idea, but…eekk very expensive.

Then I came across this idea using pre-cut comic book boards, ( I don’t get what they are really for and why a comic book would need this… but,) way cheaper!


I’ll tell ya.. her studio is so pretty all organized and colorful. I want that!~

But before I ordered I wanted to “try” so I cut up some cardboard boxes in to pieces 7×10″.Then I folded a stack of fabric by folding salvage edge to salvage, then in half again. I stacked a pile up of about 12-15 fabrics, all over 1/2 yard lengths.

 I started ‘wrapping’ the board with a layer of fabric and piling it up in a neat stack.Now I want to organize my fabric bolts according to color… I think.. and I want to have them stacked like bolts of fabric in a store, which will make them easier to find and to put away properly.This is a start….


So… Now, ordered 200 comic books backing boards and they should be here the day after next and the real organization will begin….

I’ll keep you posted!




2 responses

  1. Terri, awesome storage suggestion. Wish I had the space for shelves in this downsized FL home!!! Its a necessity to keep stash organized in see through totes by color, theme, weight…

  2. […] pretty well.  I’ve been wrapping fabric on comic book boards purchased at the suggestion of Terri Click. But when I saw just how much beautiful heirloom fabric I have, I decided that I need to move […]

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