Freemotion Fall pillows

My living room needed an update, I had 2 sad, dog chewed pillows this morning, and this afternoon I have two new fall-ish pillows.

I was looking in my stash for something, when I found this… a pre-printed panel with 2 floral wreaths. Where did this come from? Have I had it long? Who knew???? I actually had some down time today scheduled since I had a dentist apt this early am. Well, I was kind of sore and talking was a pain, so I planned on staying home and this was a perfect pick-me up.

I made a simple quit ‘sandwich’ with some yucky old backing fabric which no one will see, and some old wool fabric for the batting.

I gathered up some fun threads and set up the sewing machine for Freemotion sewing. I dropped the feed teeth and let her rip…

I used up all the odd sorts of bobbin thread colors to clean up my bobbin box too, just look at the colorful back ground, which will never been seen anyway…


I found a piece of green linen blend fabric just hiding in my stash for the back of the pillow, and made a simple closure so I could just slip in the old pillows.

Finished before the School bus! Try a pre-printed panel and just play. Use a close matching thread or a variegated to blend into the design, but to give it texture and depth. Put on some great music and let you machine dance!




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