Slippers from sweaters

Well what are you going to do with all the sweater scraps left over??Make Scrappy Sweater slippers!

I have been working on some gifts… can’t mention here…. I am using old wool sweaters washed and felted.  All of the little left over scraps covering my cutting table and floor, what better way to clean up than to use up!

SoI started by tracing around my foot to make a pattern. Then I cut out four bottoms out of a really thick wool sweater.  I sewed two layers together for extra padding on the bottom. I had to piece one of the bottoms to have enough…

Then I created a “boot top” pattern by measuring around the bottom piece for the length of the bottom of the boot. Then I sort of used my foot again to trace up the side of my foot. To make the top fit better I used the ribbing part of the sweater.  I again had to piece the sweater fabric so I cut cut the pattern.

To seam the back and top of the ‘boot’  I machine stitched about 3/8″ seam with right sides together. Then I opened the seams up and top-stitched them down on either side of the seam.

this is the boot shape before I stitched the top of the boot. I marked and pinned the center back of the sole and boot, and center fronts. I machine stitched with a straight stitch about 1/4- 1/2″ seam allowance all the way around easing to fit so the seam is smooth.

I hand stitched a blanket stitch all the way around for decoration, and next time I will use even thicker thread for that.

I now want to wash them to shrink them just a touch more so I can mold them  to my foot. Put them on wet and ‘fit’ them by wearing them a few minutes and walking on towels. Carefully take them off and let them air dry. All the little raw edges will blend in and smooth out. I even get an arch that way!


4 responses

  1. love them

  2. Unbelievable! Your creative ideas just never stop–and this is one of your very best!

    1. Oh they are even better now since I washed them and molded them to my feet! The two layers on the bottom make it so dreamy!

  3. I need to make some for Christmas. you have so much talent and creativity.

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