It’s that time of year and there is a crispness in the air….

Fall decorations!

I love fall and pumpkins and this is a simple sweater to Pumpkin craft tutorial.

1. Thrift around for a wool orange sweater to felt. I happen to find a dream 100% cashmere, albeit small moth holes, for a $1!!!Sew up the sides to the neckline

Cut off sleeves

With a hand needle and some yarn or floss or beading twine in my case, sew  a running stitch to pull the bottom closed. I have a hefty bottom seam because I found two moth holes near the bottom and I want to hide them.

Cinch the bottom closed, turn inside out and stuff . I used lots of the left over wool scraps and serger shreds from my serger catch-it bag. I did use some poly fill to “fill in” and smooth out the lumps.

I found the only green wool/felt scraps I had and made two leaves and added a running stitch up the middle to create a vein. I wish I had a darker green for the leaves, but I haven’t found a green wool sweater that I can felt. Oh well!

I rolled up a scrap of black sweater felt left over from another project to make a stem.

I cinched up the neck opening like the bottom and added the stem to the center attaching it with needle and thread. Then I added the leaves.

My cluster of fabric pumpkins. Please note the pumpkin with the face.  Two years ago my youngest son digitized the face and sewed the pumpkin together on my treadle machine. He stuffed it with the plastic grocery bags and did not close the opening, so you could use the bags or store more in it!                                    Pretty clever kid!


3 responses

  1. I LOVE this! And don’t I just have an orange sweater that I was about to throw out? Yes and Yippee!!! I’m making a sweater pumpkin tomorrow! Thanks, Terri! P.S. It won’t matter if “Go Gators” is embroidered on the back, will it?

  2. Terri,cute holiday decor! I have the perfect scrap of felted green wool for the stem. Now to find an orange wool sweater in Florida. Janice, there must be a “gator” fan somewhere in my neighborhood!!!

    1. Isn’t that a crime in Florida to cut up a gator shirt??? well… maybe after last weekends game it’s allowed…. eekkk worse than Butler in the NCAA Championships! Don’t tell Janice I said that LOL!!!

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