Can you guess it??

My Daughter and Sister in Law sent me a surprise gift in todays mail. It was a lovely card and a pretty little pair of blue flower earings, and then… this…..????

My Youngest son was with me and I told him to open the package… to him it was silly, a card written in cursive (so a mystery to  him,) earings and this….? It said “chicken boots” on the tag, so naturally we started giggling. I was driving the car rushing to a soccer game so he was inspecting it for me.

We came up with a game… what could this be??? Boots for chickens and other silly things we mentioned. Then he noted a clue…. “needle keeper.” I thought of my embroidery needle and maybe a floss or two. Then I thought maybe machine needle case holder, but I couldn’t figure out what the elastic was for……

I gave up and curiosity got the best of us, and if in doubt, google it. Sure enough we got our answer and it is brilliant!… I So Love and need my gift!!!

What do you think it is??

If you can’t guess go to:

I love all of their items… so functional….

Thank you CC and SIL XOXOXO


One response

  1. I just loved reading this! I have often wondered how one would figure these things out if they didn’t know what it was. I would have loved to hear your son come up with ideas! Thanks for sharing your gift with your readers.
    Saremy from Chicken Boots

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