Charleston T-shirt workshop

November is just around the corner and I want to prepare my Charleston Ladies for the T-shirt work shop Friday November 18-November 19th .For  pictures and ideas explaining the workshop start at this posting:


here are more:

This is a two day workshop. Day 1 will focus on drafting your pattern for a T shirt, making a “tester” T shirt, planning your layout for design and preparation for construction in Day 2. Day 2 is all about embellishing and design work. Each T Shirt will be different and an original piece of art that will fit and flatter. There is so much to learn and share and do and talk and we will have fun. Options include machine embroidery with or without embroidery module. If you have a machine that is not an embroidery machine you still have options to take this workshop. There are no limitations for this class, beginner or advanced, if your sewing machine only has a zig-zag stitch it will work. Handwork and embellishments are encouraged. This is about using what you have.

You will be working in pairs the first day measuring and fitting.

Here is a supply list:

1.One Very–favorite-best-fitting T-shirt that you love to wear!!! Now I have to explain this a bit better, I don’t mean your favorite football jersey that was your dad’s and you’ve  worn for every home game…. no.. I want you to bring in the best fitting shirt you have and like to wear, I don’t hare if it has a hole or so old it has stains, I’m looking for fit, YOUR fit.

2. Up to 4- L-XXL men’s t-shirts… I found defective Hanes T Shirts at the Dollar Store, 2 of one color, 2 of another. 100% cotton jersey OR recycle some of your Husbands hand-me downs. These are to make a sample of your pattern and can be for your final project. Pick colors you like…. nothing will go to waste…. Wal-Mart also had nice quality T-shirts about $3.00 each…. nothing too expensive and if you happen to be lucky and find XXXL you’ll maybe only need one.

3. Sewing supplies include machine and embroidery unit if using, memory stick or jump drive to transfer a design. Machine in good working order. Scissors, (paper and fabric), pins, jersey machine needles size 75-80. Construction thread, bobbins for your machine, tape measurer,  and anything else that you like to sew with. For embellishing with bring coordinating threads of various weights but we will talk about that on Friday so you bring what you need on Saturday.

4. Did I mention bring a good-can do attitude, chocolate and funny stories. We are going to have a fun workshop and learn so much about our machines and our own ability to design!



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