Packing up and heading to Greenville

I am packing up what seems to be half my sewing studioKits and samples and STUFF are ready to pack.

NOW the big question… What to wear???

I wanted something new and fresh…. but?? SO, a quick look through my favorite Goodwill….A beautiful men’s, made in England, Madeleine Finn Pink linen shirt! Oh my gosh these shirts are like $100!!! Score! $3.00 to me and a remake to begin! If it were a blue or white shirt this would totally remain as a man’s shirt for my DH, but… it’s pink and no-way, even with four kids and marine made, will my man ever  wear pink! SO… Yippeee!!!

When remaking a shirt plan for more seams than the original. I opted for princess seams both back and front. Also since a man’s shirt buttons on the opposite side than a womans, I re cut the fronts up side down using the original button placket (to save time, this was Monday and I leave Thursday.)

I was also able to simply cut down and re-use the sleeves and cuffs since they were a more tailored cut.

I zig-zagged the seams instead of just top-stitching them…I actually thought of that after I did everything and was ready to hem so I accidentally zig-zagged through my label in the Center-back seam…oopppsLast thing I did was to change the buttons to a pearl, more lady like fancier button…..

So,  a  pair of dark jeans and pink cowboy boots…. one outfit down!My favorite footwear!

Years ago when I first started teaching, Laura Jenkins Thompson teased me about my boots (I have a fairly good collection.) I thought,” oh dear I should dress up more!”  For years I did, I over-dressed sometimes but I wanted to look professional and to have ladies take me seriously.  Now, I’m older, and I want to to be comfortable and have more fun…. Now, I tease Laura, because I thinks she just wants my boots!

Check out her lovely and perfect work at:




4 responses

  1. Terri – Can’t WAIT to meet you tomorrow!!!! I always like it when the teachers wear interesting outfits, then if the class is boring or I get ahead I can look at their clothes!! hee-hee!! Looking forward to our classes!

  2. Palmetto Pleaters classes were FANTASTIC!!!!! THANK YOU Terri!!
    LovedLovedLOVED the classes!! It’s SEW great to be SEWING again!
    ps – Terri – I have pictures for you, ples send me your eamils

  3. Hello,
    Thank you so much for coming to teach us here in Greenville. I enjoy you and your class very much!!!! I also have so much more now to do on my machine and I am so excited to get busy.
    Again thank you.
    Jennifer Kirkland

    1. Get busy! You will have so much fun with that wonderful machine of yours… don’t be afraid you did beautifully!!!

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