more t-shirts!

Well after my daughter stole my new tshirt from last post I started finishing up and starting new t-shirt designs and patterns for this fall.

My inspiration came from a practically brand new izod shirt of my Husbands. Bleach spots on the front and this tear/hole in the back.

SO I cut it apart and laid my pattern pieces artfully around the problem areas.

Then I covered up the spots with..Now I am adding clusters of seed beads and I think I’m going to add some more stitching around the leaves. Once again, reverse applique, but all of this baby will be machine, well , except the beads and a running stitch here and there to add dimension.A  one-day project, so whatever I do today and tonight will be it. I don’t mind investing a lot of time in some projects, but this t-shirt I want finished! Sometimes that’s nice too!

This one is more hand intensive and I’ve been working on this for a week now, and this one I want to keep and wear…….but…this one is the leftovers from DD shirt and the lace ruffle around the neck line is actually purchased ribbon hand stitched in place. It gives a nice neckline especially under a cardigan and it’s a super fast project. This knit top was made in a bout an hour with my serger , hand sewing and twin needle hemming!



2 responses

  1. These are just gorgeous! With the Izod shirt, I kept thinking that you are someone who could make a silk purse from the proverbial sow’s ear! You’d better hide these from Mary Kathryn!

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