Freemotion Monogram Class

My Business is monogramming and embroidering for shops in my town. I have a small set-up with 2 multihead machines. With that said…

The above phone is NOT machine embroidered or computer generated. It’s old fashioned free-motion embroidery work.

ANY machine (I am mean even my 1905 singer Treadle) can achieve this look without fancy equipment.

 Here I am just starting the stem and leaves color. This is a sample that I just started and I will fill it in more as I go…..

As you can see the most important thing is to have a free motion foot, and the ability to drop your feed teeth.

A flat surface or larger bed helps too.

I start by drawing a script letter with a pencil on my fabric. Just like you did in Grade school when they taught penmanship.

I then Trace the pencil line with the stem color, just to give an outline. No stressing about being perfect, this will get covered up in places.

Then I create the roses but making random small circles over and over again all the way around the letter. Nothing is planned. “Just keep drawing ” (think Dori on Finding Nemo.. just keep swimming, but change it to drawing) You’ll find a rhythm and they are easy once you get going.

For the class List….

Free motion foot,

Threads in the shades of the colors you want. Assorted weights and types to give a try and see what you like best.

either an 80 0r 90 needle ( 12 or 14)

Boom Box and good music… something everyone can listen too that has a steady beat and rhythm, or just bring your ipod and ear buds, actually talking helps, because you let it flow more when you don’t think too hard about the sewing, so Bring Stories to share!!

Yeah talking encouraged!!!


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