Summer 2011 knitting

I am a consistent Knitter. I knit all year long. I used to be a good knitter, but I had an accident involving my left index finger a year and a half ago and I have a hard time “feeling” the tension. I used knitting as therapy to “teach” my finger how to move again and remarkably to even my doctor my finger works and looks like it did before.

So I knit… And here are some of m summer projects….

This  sweater was knit with recycled yarn from my daughters closet and an American Eagle cable knit cotton sweater.

I still can’t decide what button to use… I’m not loving any so far…. This is knitted from the top down with my favorite pattern… I use:

I want to use all my gathered little bits of yarn up to clean up some of the many baskets of yarn that I have everywhere throughout the house… One example:


I liked how this  wave scarf turned out BUT I would not recommend this wave pattern to anyone who gets interrupted every five minutes… too stressful!!!  I finished with four colors..

This I love!! It was such a stress-free, one evening project… You really get  into the relaxing part of knitting… you know the “Zen” of knitting (I read a book with some really deep philosophical thoughts on knitting and peace and centering your life…??)

I just used the little leftovers, no big revelation here. The above is the child version for a little Christmas gift. The teenager scarf will be much longer, still skinny but they can wrap and warp it… I am told by my teen that, that’s cool. I am so loving knitting it.

I cast on 250 stitches. Knit the rows and change the yarns at the ends leaving the tails to form the fringe. I will add more fringe after I finish to thicken the fringe out. No set color pattern or row numbers either…. This is the perfect project to ride out the hurricane tonight. The bands of rain have already started hitting and we are at the top of South Carolina just 30 minutes from the border of NC. I hate that the outer banks gets nailed again. Please Irene , turn out to sea!!

I Love this yarn, Free trade Malbringo, but now, that I’m just about finished, I don’t really love the pattern. I LOVE the one side (the herringbone,) but the back side is not really my favorite… SO I’m thinking about un-knitting it and remaking it into something more wonderful. I really really like working with this very smooth roving type yarn.

Isn’t it wild how the same project with the same camera taken seconds after each other and the colors come out so different. The scarf is more closely colored to the first picture

Then this… My daughter took me to Purl of Soho while in NY and I got this lovely Spud and Bud Outer yarn.. I can’t wait to start this little beauty!!

Have a safe weekend to everyone up the Eastern Coastline. Evacuate if they say to… do you hear me girls…. xo

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  1. Love your expression “un-knitting” …done that so many times!

  2. […] snuggled up to me while I was on-line.  She saw Terri Click’s blog post about knitting at The Thrifty Needle  and she said she just had to learn how!  Because of the interest this post generated,  […]

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