Tablecloth save

Amongst the piles of old linens to go through at MIL’s I found in really really terrible shape what was once a lovely 60″  square linen hand embroidered tablecloth.

I was very holey and stained, but I cut round and patched over the really bad parts and just let the rest show in this Apron re-make.

the front

the back… and wow is my dressing room red or what…. It really isn’t and I can’t figure out what’s wrong… but  here’s another photo taken earlier by my son only of the back…The fabric is off white linen with a hand crocheted edging. The apron style is a pull-over chris-crossed back and no ties. The only seams are at the shoulders and  I clean finished the armseyes and front neck.

I made a super simple one piece pattern, just based on the table cloth shape and areas where to cut the most damage off…

I don’t know how to draw a pattern on the computer so I drew this on a piece of paper and took a picture.The piece of paper represents the tablecloth folded in half for the center front. I just chalked out a front neck line, front shoulder seam (A), arms eye and back shoulder seam (B) The only measurement important, is to match measurements on  A and B .  On the table cloth all around the edges was a lovely hand crochet edging and it was in “ok” shape, so I wanted to keep all that for the finishing edge.  The little bit of edging at the top that I cut off, I replaced around the front neck line with just a zig-zag stitch. I also added a pocket to hide a really horrible stain and hole in the front. I also patched an area under the arm area. There are still stains, but… this will work wonderfully at the farm and I wore it today to cook a fabulous First-Day-Back-To-School dinner and really liked it!

To sew the apron: lay out the front of the apron with the right side facing towards you.  Take one shoulder seam and lay the right side of the fabric facing down and cross the shoulder seams in back. Sew the two shoulder seams.  I did turn under the raw edges of the neckline and arms-eye and I also mentioned that I added the edging and pocket.



2 responses

  1. What a fabulous save! This cloth was destined for the trash but for your intervention. I love the way you kept the crocheted edge.

  2. Perfect! Just what I was looking for! Your pattern is so simple and straightforward. Thank you so much!

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