Screenprinting part 2

After attempting to teaching myself screenprinting, I needed to remind myself of the above advice. ( I saw this on a poster downtown and laughed… I sort of copied the look of the lettering with fonts I had on my computer.)

I have learned a lot of YuDu Do’s and Don’ts, which I will share:

Go ahead and order from the screen coating kit. This is the cheapest way to use emulsion. The two per-pack sheets even with the 40% off coupon is a waste. You will get screen fails and coating your own screens at about .25 versus the coupon cost of $6.oo per screen is huge savings.

Second go to a teachers supply store or and order a 100 sheet pack of the blank transfer sheets.***The Blank Transparency has to work in an injet printer.*** Go to:

This is also a savings on making your artwork. The Yudu 5 pack with coupon was about $8.00 and the 100 pack with shipping was under $36.00

With the savings of just the above I feel I am more creative and don’t worry about trying something and possibly failing. Which I have. I wanted to print an “old-timey” calendar dish cloth. I wanted to embroider over the printed floral border and add a crocheted edging… I can see what I want, but I  failed on the first try making the screen. I’m not giving up, just re-thinking…..I have to get the numbers and black lines bolder. The emulsion didn’t take. I have been reading and the 110 mesh yudu screens are sort of the lower end of screen mesh. There is a 220 mesh screen made for the Yudu, and I will save my pennies for that, but until then I need to figure out how to ‘darken” my transfer. The above photo is the paper print out so you could see.

I am right now working on a very “Paris” design to put on a pillow. The screen is in the machine drying right now. We live in a very humid climate and drying time is essential and has taken quite awhile. So I am practicing patience…

In the mean time I am monogramming all the back-to school items for kids. I have a few teams with sports bags and hoodies, lunch-boxes and backpacks non-stop all week long all needing identification of some sort. Busy Busy week and this weekend I have had several calls already with last minute monogramming emergencies. So I can wait for my screen to dry properly.


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