For my birthday I was given (and picked it out too) a YuDo screen-print package set . It was on sale for $99.00 at Michaels. I have looked at these machines for some time now and it was too pricey at 299.00 so I never got one.

Anyway, I have one now. There are pros and cons to the Yudo and for what I want to do the YuDo package was the cleanest,cheapest and easiest for screen-printing. With the kit I got everything for making two screens.

This is my first screen. I wanted something clean and simple for my first try. Yesterday was perfect as it was a dark and raining day, and I didn’t want to go anywhere. Plus, my teenage Daughter was already at the mall (without me…yippeee!) so my youngest and I played with my new toy.

I wanted to try this out on scrap fabric… and I think I made things a bit harder for us on our first try, because this fabric had seams and it wasn’t actually perfectly flat on the platen board. so …

so my first try … a few boo-boos

Here’s what I learned.

Set the Yudo machine on a lower table (mine was on the kitchen counter top) and I sort of had to tippy-toe to reach and I think I jiggled the machine, thus the blobs of ink .

Don’t be afraid to push the screen all the way down onto the fabric. I was trying not to push or maybe stretch the screen? I thought using a lighter hand… wrong!

STILL not perfect and I learned a few more things:

The lower table or counter you set the YuDo onto should not roll…..

The fabric should be flat without seams

And there is a paper backing on the platen board which I did not see… pull that off and the platen will now have a sticky surface which holds the fabric firm. I replaced the paper backing so as too keep that surface clean and reusable.

 Perfect this time….

Oh the possibilities.

Now, that I have the basic idea on how to do the screen-printing I will investigate how to make the screens cheaper. I will save my Michaels coupons, but the emulsion sheets are expensive and so are the mesh boards so I may have to figure out how to make a screen for this machine  it looks like the liquid emulsion maybe the way to go. All in all I am super happy with my little kit. I can’t wait to start on my idea for Christmas gifts. I’ll post more on that at a later date.


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  1. Oooh, one more pie for you to put your fingers in! It looks like you are off to a great start. Can’t wait to see how your creativity shines with this technique.

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