Farm Day

This is my friend,  Cathy. She is a master spinner, and yes, this wheel works!! Cathy is in her Grandmothers dress. Cool….

The Larry Paul Living farm held it’s Tobacco raising event yesterday and I was lucky enough to get to volunteer at the Treadle machine.I was making Aprons while demonstrating the treadle machine. It’s so much fun. I talk and sew all day!!Look at Cathy’s home spin natural color Cotton yarn… I’m coveting… Grace is hard at work in the kitchen, yes, a wood burning stove in over 100 degrees. Those apple fritters were awesome! Grace will be a senior this year (in HS,)  just got back from Girls State, works in the field putting up tobacco, volunteers at the farm AND is an honor student. Besides all that she is a wonderful young lady which gives me so much hope for this generation!Here are some other wonderful youngsters! Madison, Laura, Mary Kathryn and Adam.

 If it wasn’t people powered, it was wood burning that fueled the machine. It was HOT too!!

 Making Lumber to Blacksmithing

 This was life on a farm. It was hard work and everyone had to help to survive and thrive. Everyday I spend out there I come home so rested. Life was hard, but you had a job to do and you had a purpose. Life was simple and not so crowded with stuff, just full of work, you were not bored! I always feel fulfilled out there. When I had the chore of just trimming back the gone-to-seed basil, I took my time and enjoyed the task. Here at home I rush from one job to the next and I think I miss the enjoyment. SO… I have to work on that. 

Trying to cool off… This helped! Straight from the field to my mouth.. Yummy!!

A Great for everyone!


6 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Nice surprise to see my godchild, Laura, in your Farm Day photos!

  2. I love spinning because it truly makes me slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of purposeful work. It’s impossible to spin when all tensed up…you just end up with a really twisted mess. I’ll just have to spin you some of your own special yarn. You get to name it:-)

  3. Spinning while Terri sews makes the day all the more fun! I love spinning because it becomes a time to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures of purposeful work. It’s impossible to be tense and spin. That just leads to a really interesting ball of twisted stuff fit only for a cat toy. I’ll have to make you some of your own special custom yarn. Be thinking of a good name for it. Wearing my great grandmother’s dress makes me feel connected to my ancestors. A very cool feeling.

    1. Sorry for the duplicate responses, it kept saying I’d already posted without showing up…having a not so techno savy moment 🙂

    2. Oh dear I said Grandmothers, not great Grandmothers dress… Sorry! Oh, I am so glad you found my blog… Welcome! I had a terrific day.

  4. Everything you do is tackled with genuine, unbridled enthusiasm! You could squeeze fun and philosophy out of a trip to the dump. That’s just one reason everyone loves to be around you. This really does look like a neat place and I’m not surprised that you enjoy it so much. Keep the good times rolling, Terri.

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