Bahama Hand Prints Skirt

My Sister, Peggy gave me a birthday present last year.It was a fun bag  of silk screen fabric pieces that she bought in the Bahamas.

The Company Bahama Hand Prints, LTD has beautiful screened fabrics. Check it out, both in my photo and on their website.

I have had these almost a year now, and I have just looked a them and that made me happy! Until….

Over at Prints Charming (scroll down and see the lady with the glass of champagne in her hands…) Look at her skirt… AGHHH!! This skirt is all patched together with odd bits of fabric… Their fabric is silk screened by themselves and is  fabulous and to dye (die) for!! I saw that photo and  was off!!!This is what I did…


Front view

Back View…

Actually I planned this to be either way… I just sewed the pieces together and cut a simple a-line skirt pattern out. I found this link to the way that the Prints Charming ladies did theirs…

She has perfect photos so check it out.

 This is a closer front view.

I seamed the pieces together, then serged the edges. Then top-stitched each seam to one direction. Once I have what looked to be a big enough piece for my pattern piece I cut it out. I only cut 2 pieces, front and back so it’s quick and easy. Add darts to the waist area for a better fit and then cut 1 and a half inch binding strips for the waist and hem. The entire Skirt came from the bag except for the invisible zipper and thread!!

Cool! and now my favorite summer skirt! I laugh because when I opened my present, my Dad was there and when he saw the fabric he just laughed and said it looked like a bag a rags! HA… I’ll show you rags Dad!!!






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  1. This is fabulous and so creative. Given enough time, you would have come up with another to-die-for project using these pieces. But when you get free inspiration, go with it.

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