Shadow-work Appliqué Class

The Shadow work Pear Class for Greenville SC

Saturday September 24th

The following supplies you will need to bring as you will more than likely have these things and it will save on the cost of a kit.

Remember for my classes I really stress using from what you have first!

basic sewing supplies include a pair of sharp small scissors
an open toe foot for your machine
4-6 empty bobbins (for winding thread to use a twin needle and to match the  top threads)
2.0 twin needle
one universal machine needle 75-80 for decorative stitching and for construction
White thread for construction.
Now… look into your thread stash…
I used embroidery thread in one sample and construction thread in the other for the decorative stitching so it’s your choice.
Bring a dark pink  thread…. I used Madeira Rayon 1117  and Coats and Clark 32c  somewhere in that range of bright pinks
Bring a green in the shade of kelly to middle green family I used Madeira polyneon 1968 and also coats number 62
you may want to add a bit of a bright yellow…
or you may like the look of the very light pinks or light greens…. you will have time to experiment and try before you make the project.
Use what you have…close-up of a sample for demonstration

It sounds like a lot to bring, but it’s a small project class. This is  all machine-work so you will be working with your machine and learning how to master it’s in’s and outs!

I can’t wait until class time!!

UPDATE>>>I made this last night to go over all of the directions… and I forgot to add one thing…. if you have one…

Self Threading hand needle

for the life of me I could not thread a needle and if you are lucky enough to have one then for heavens sake use it and save yourself!!


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