Scrap Chevron fabric

While I was in New York we went into really great stores and I wish I could remember the name of the shop to give credit…. maybe it was crate and barrel???

Look at the fabric on the chair….

Anyway… I have a few chairs to recover and I have been stressing, because the fabrics I am gravitating towards have been rather expensive….  look again at  the seat of the chair……This got me to thinking…. I have all of the sleeve parts  I cut off from the white chef coats that I could dye an indigo color and I also have assorted denim as flat yardage and give-away clothes…. My Children have a few give-away right now they have out-grown

SO I did a test last night….I cut 3 inch strips out of the length of the scrap fabric. I sewed the strips together to about a 24″ length of strips. I zig-zaged stitched the seams all to one side.I then cut 3″ strips with a  45 degree angle going one waythen I turned the ruler over and cut 3 inch strips going the other way.

For my sample I had just 6 strips of each direction. I sewed those together and by flipping one pile of strips upside down I was able to “lock” the seams (one seam going one direction and the other going the opposite) instead of pinning. It was super easy and matched everytime. I then zig-zagged the seams to one side from the top…. So about an hour later….
This was just a tester to figure out how I could accomplish the denim look that I really liked on the chair….

Now…. If I could only convince my husband to let me paint the wood parts on the chair…… PLEASE is there anyone out there that can explain to me why… WHY men think you can’t paint wood?????


2 responses

  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    My, my you’ve been busy! So many wonderful projects & travels…when do you sleep, take photos, post on blog?!?

  2. The chairs are from Anthropologie

    I have also been wondering if this could be a diy project so thanks for the inspiration.

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