New York City!

Garment District 

     I went to Manhattan to visit my wonderful Daughter Calvy. She was  an intern last summer and then has stayed on working this year.  She spent a lot of time in the garment district and it was fun to have her be my personal guide.

Holy Cow!!

so much fabric!!!

Buttons and trims and notions of every kind on every corner, in tiny store fronts to huge multi-story shops. Fabric piled from floor to ceiling…..

But guess what…. I was so overwhelmed…. I didn’t buy one yard of fabric…. I kept my thrifty bargain with myself…. I will post more about my New York visit in the 109 degree heat!


5 responses

  1. What a fun trip, especially with your insider guide. You are incredibly disciplined! I would have had to hire a U-Haul truck to get everything home.

    1. NO… I was seriously overwhelmed and those fabrics were way out of my budget… a kid in a candy store with only a nickel to spend. I did try to find something I needed, cotton gingham small scale in burgundy and black only one yard to finish a project… no luck at all… every other color or in flannel…??? Also I only had one carry-on allowed.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the lace!!!! Was wondering how the prices were, but your response in the previous comment leads me to believe they were super expensive! LOVE LOVE your work!!! And love seeing it through this internet medium.

  3. I found this amazing handspun yarn store in the garment district. You had to know it was there to find it…actually pretty scary as the door at street level was unmarked and pretty seedy. But clear up on the 8th floor were two Japanese women spinning and dying their own yarn. I was in heaven! Bought some gorgeous lace weight bamboo in shades of iolite blue/purple. Ah, but you are sooo right about the prices…sigh!

    1. From the street view….. all looked a bit seedy…. but once you actually go into the stores and shops it’s much better!~

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