Greenville SC Class

I am posting now so you have plenty of time to prepare:

This is for the pillow class using applique and die cuts to design the patternFront


The supply list is as follows:

I used a fat quarter bundle that I bought because it was so pretty and just had to have it! It was plenty with the 7 fabrics.  You can be as scrappy as you like and use whatever colors you want. I would suggest to have one “plainer” background piece for the front as which to build the shapes upon.  You’re going to be the designer of your pillow, in fact no-ones will look the same.

Here are a few others to give you an example:

** For this class if you choose to make a tote bag instead of a pillow that is fine and basically the same process. You will not finish the tote bag completely in the class, but directions will be given to complete a basic tote.


This is a fabric I am creating for a project I hope to show you!

You will have lots of options and we’ll go over all of that in class!

Next you’ll need 2 squares of batting 22″x22″

2 pieces of backing 22″22″ that you’ll never see it’s used for the quilting and inside the pillow.  If you are going to make this into a tote  instead of two pieces, don’t cut yours and bring a 22″x 45″ strip of both batting and backing.

For the tote you will also need to have a lining fabric (you could piece this from the fat-quarter leftovers) or buy a coordinating half yard of fabric.

You will also need a yard or so of a wonder-under type product. If you bring the heat and bond, please make sure it is the “LITE” as we do sew through the paper-backed fusible product and the no-sew stuff makes a mess with your needle and machine!

For Sewing supplies you need an iron, ironing pad, basic sewing supplies for your machine and sewing.  Freemotion foot for your machine, open toe foot and assorted threads to match your project. You will need a construction thread along with a quilting thread to blend into your fabrics. Decorative threads for the backing and even couching yarns if you wish to add couching to to your project. The more you bring to coordinate with your project the more you can add and learn to use. If you only want a monochromatic scheme that is fine too!

Bobbin weight thread  for decorative stitching and typically an 80 universal needle will do the trick, if you want to use metallics in your design bring a metallic needle.

I naturally want to encourage you to use your imagination… go into your stash or collection of fabrics and create something wonderful! The more fabric choices you bring, the more you will have, but fat quarters and smaller amounts are all that are really needed. Have fun hunting your supplies down, I can’t wait to see what everyone brings!


3 responses

  1. The sample pillow is fabulous! The back is as wonderful as the front. You have such a good eye for contemporary design and color. You are so NOW!!! This will be a great class.

  2. Paulette Miller | Reply

    For those of us who can’t attend, hope you’ll post photos of “student” projects done during the class!

    1. Oh, what a great idea… I will!!! Thanks!

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