Crazy Patched stool

Look at this cute stool/ side table!!

This is the top! They made this from a recycled wooden wire spool holder.  like this one:Wooden pieces were added around the edge for support and to help with the uhplostery. Foam was added to the top and bottom and around the edge and it really is a comfortable piece. I love the burlap!

I love the details:

I can’t wait to start on one for ME!!

Jim says he saw one of those spools and will bring one home … I can’t wait! Until then I have saved one oyster burlap bag (with the stamped word “selects”)  outside on the line that I am recycling into this project and I am hunting down fabrics in a more blue and white color scheme…. I’ll post more when I’m actually working on it!!

Thanks to Mary at the Noblesville Linden Tree Shop for sharing this with me!! What a great Shop!!!







One response

  1. Ooooh…this is very cool. I’d love one for my back porch. Now, to find an empty spool.

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