What to do with all the scraps?? Well one good and  easy way to use them up is to make them into strips ~anywhere from 1″ to 2.5″ I sort those saving all my 2.5″ strips for future quilts. They can be all sorts of lengths, just a perfect 2.5″ in width is all that matters.

These then are divided into lights, darks and the ever important pink pile. I want a pink quilt so badly!!! A couple/four years ago I had just blue and white piles and this is what became of those piles:

The blues and whites are really all sorts of patterns and hues, the lighting in my bedroom washes all the colors out.  The small strips were 1.5″ in width and the larger strips were 3″. I now am only cutting 2.5″ for a more universal size quilt and pattern. I had to make up that king sized pattern. The larger squares on the pillow are 5″ strips of assorted blue colors. all of the rest were 2.5″ strips with the odd pieces cut into circles for the “dot pillow sham.”

With all of your strips that are smaller and unevenly cut, I have braided them to re-cane ladder-back chairsI have also used the braids to make bathroom rugs by zig-zagging the braids together while wrapping laying then next to each other.  The one I am currently using needs a bath…I had at one time a hanging plant holder made with braided strips and knotted sort of like macramé and it looked cool and added just a bit of color.

Now I am sure there are tons more things to be made and used with just scrap strips of fabric…. I’ll blog next about what I make with old sock tubes and old t-shirt strips.


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  1. Paulette Miller | Reply

    Terri…the blue & white quilt and pillows are gorgeous! What did you do for the backing?Is that a runner on the nightstand? Ever try crocheting the rag strips into rugs? Did two small ovals for “The Holiday House”. Wonderful WNY woman, who taught the class, also does chair pads. Can’t wait to see what you do with tube socks!!!

    Happy stitching…Paulette

    1. I will post pictures of my pillows so you can see better. I quilted the front part of the pillow sandwiching batting and a yucky fabric as the backing, as no one will ever see that part. Then for the back of the pillow I used a pretty print to coordinate. Thank you, I love Blue and white and since I have cypress boards for walls and hardwood floors and even a wood ceiling in the main room, I add bright, light colors everywhere! I have to post my pictues of the knitted t-shirt rug I made… Thanks for commenting

  2. That’s a lovely blue and white bedroom set. I love your chair seats and the little rug, too. You’ve given me all kinds of inspiration today. I think I’ll go and make something now, too! Best regards, Dianne B. in England 🙂

    1. Oh hello and thank you!

  3. You are amazing. I love you, sister!

  4. You are so talented and amazing–just what I expect from my daughter—love you–Mom

  5. […] I have mentioned here:  I store or organize my scraps either in long 2 1/2″ strips or fabric squares. It makes it […]

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