Mother/daughter aprons

I made some mother daughter aprons to sell at the Living farm.  It’s on a commission basis so it helps support the farm which I love and helps our family funds.  This is a terrific way to go through the collection of fabric and use odd pieces that are to small for a garment. Since the forth is around the corner, the ever popular red,white and blue color scheme works for me!

The other sets are similar, but no two are exactly alike; just another plus to make them all very original and one of a kind! I also like to add a removable flower broach using all the remaining scraps!

There are all sorts of patterns for aprons and here a few freebies to help inspire you to make your own!




2 responses

  1. So many times when scraps are used or fabric is recycled, the finished product looks like scraps were used or fabric was recycled. But your projects look like they were carefully planned and then you went searching for materials. You have an amazing ability to do it in reverse! These, and all your projects, are just lovely!

    1. Oh thank you! I sort of like the challenge of coming up with something and having limitations… I get overwhelmed with choices when I am in a fabric store… It takes a lot to focus and figure out just what I need. I once went to Britex in San Fran. CA. The place was HUGE! I left there without purchasing one thing, I was so overwhelmed (Jim says I was in shock!) Thanks for looking and commenting!!

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