Chair Cushions

I woke up this morning and while having coffee I really noticed my dinning room chaircushions. Besides from not matching, with different styles and spotted…. they had to go!

Now, this isn’t my dinning room chair, I didn’t want to lug it outside to my porch for a photo shoot, so the outside chair is the model.

I started off with four cushions like this:

I made these a couple years back, and this was my cushion, I swear my son uses his as a napkin…(different topic for a blog, napkins!)  My goal was simple, cut up a solid green oblong tablecloth and be done with it. Well, this was an old one from my MIL’s so it had spots, and they showed, so I thought I could stripple quilt a texture and no one would notice them.

I used a piece of sweatshirt fabric which had sun faded lines as the “backing and batting.” This also served to give more foundation to the fabric and use up something I would never have made anything with! Yeah!

I made the first one and it was pretty, but plain… so then I thought I would jazz it up a bit with a tone on tone monogram..They went together fairly quickly after I figured out what I wanted and now I have all 6 cushions matching!


2 responses

  1. stunning creation! LOVE IT

    1. Thanks! They make the dinning room match a bit better now!

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