Cheer Bows

It’s that time again for summer cheer camps. This is a huge fund raiser for the local cheerleading squads and it gives little girls things to do. Bows are a big part of the wardrobe!

I make bows for the schools based on colors and mascot. This could also be used for monogrammed bows or just plain bows….

Start off with grow-grain ribbon for your first try… any ribbons will work, but I only use the grow-grain ribbons for this project.

Basically you are going to fold the ribbon by making two figure “8’s.” The pictures are using a different ribbon for demonstration. Thread and knot with double threaded  needle with matching thread first and have it handy to use.

start with the tail and hold in the center

wrap on top

then under, keeping the loops about the same size

then back on top for the final loop… holding in the center snip the ribbon a touch longer than you really need.  Pick up your needle and with a running stitch through the center pull the thread and ribbons tight wrapping the thread to hold the center thread doesn’t match to show you betterpull the thread and wrap around center. Take a few stitches to knot the thread but don’t cut yet.Hot Glue time…..  hot glue a strip inside a clip to cover the metal. Then glue that to the back of the bow.  Now with a piece of ribbon for the center wrap that neatly around, use your needle and thread to sew it closed and secure it before you use a dap of hot glue  underneath to extra secure it. these two pictures look a bit shaky… so here it is with turquoise ribbon for a better view see, they are as pretty from the back as they are on the front!



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  1. Great tutorial! You make it look so easy that I think I can do it! Thanks.

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