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We just got back from>>>>


It was the first time for my two younger children and we had a great time!

I wanted to tell you about a really cool thing I did there.

At Epcot park, in the “Land” area there is a “ride” called Living with the Land. It’s awesome! The ride shows a brief over-view of farming both land and water foods with a hydroponic growing methods.

Ok that’s not sewing, but it’s so cool. After the ride there was a special tour if you were interested in going on a behind the scenes look and way more in-depth peek at hydroponics.

I love this stuff so it was worth the extra money to go. The “Land” greenhouses grow over 60 plants hydroponically. All that means is that they are grown without soil in a water nutrient solution.

My favorite was the tomato tree. They had a tomato tree last 16 months and produce a whole lot of tomatoes, which go upstairs to the Seasons restaurant. They produce about 500 heads of lettuce a week and in the trays were 2000 heads growing.Food is grown vertically to make the most of space, no bending down and weeding because you don’t have weeds. They also use natural pest remedies, like a certain wasp and ladybugs. They do have to pollinate plants by hand, since bees aren’t in the area. So my project is to make my own hydroponic gro-tank with my 10 year old son as a science project of sorts for the summer.

I’ll let you know how that goes, and I promise to get back to sewing blogs!


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