Happy Memorial Day

I enjoy Memorial day, I always have. I grew up in Upstate New York and Memorial day was celebrated with parades and music…. I miss that! School was out for the day and it meant that school was just about over for the summer… There was so much to look forward to!

Now, I live in the south and well… Memorial day has sort of lost it’s meaning here, it’s another Biker weekend at the beach, so, most locals stay at home and avoid the traffic and… kinda boring. I always pull out my red, white and blue decorations and keep them out through the fourth of July.

I use table runners on my table instead of placemats….  having four children, it’s too crowded around my table. This particular tablerunner is a class I teach using a charm-pak and two coordinating 1/2 yard pieces.

I have demonstarted this class on a treadle machine:

I did all the piecing and quilting on the treadle machine. The quilting was created using freemotion and this happens to be the best freemotion quilting I have even produced. I think it’s the hand foot, eye coordination thing happening…. It even beats the BSR ( bernina sewing machine stitch regulator for quilting stitches and freemotion)  in my opinion….


Then I  taught this class at a local shop with all Viking Husqvana sewing machines and embroidery designs for the quilting:

This was a fun class because 4 ladies had this figgy pudding fabric collection and 3 other ladies had a different collection. No one walked away with a matching tablerunner. We have a good time in this class deciding on the colorways. I have the students divide the charm pak in to groups of color…. there is no right or wrong way and it’s so much fun to see how different the same fabric can look moved in different ways.

Then I taught this class at Sewing at the Beach about 5 years ago.  That was fun! I had 28 students in one class and  everyone finished the top of the table runner and half of then totally finished quilting. I gave the option for embroidery machines to do the quilting, but I opened the class up to any machines and there was even a featherweight in my class….  I totally believe in using what you have. You can create wonderful and beautiful things on any type of machine. The sewing machine is a tool and knowing how to use it is more important than how fancy it is.  I look at the back of thread magazine first every month, and most of these couture designs were created way before an embroidery machine was thought of. I love the shirtwaists of the 1900 and those were made on treadles!

Back to my tablerunners:
 I like using scraps or bright backing… Sometimes it’s as pieced on the back as it is on the front!

For now I am enjoying putting out other red, white and blue tablerunners and other decorations to remind me to be thankful for our past generations and what they have sacrificed for our freedom and lives today.

Thank you Papa, Dad, Col. Click and all of our troops and Soldiers!


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  1. Theresa, glad you had a few years to experience WNY where they know how to make every day a celebration! I can’t wait to open the cottage. Wilson launches the summer with a huge Memorial Day craft/flea market. Hope I’ll be there when they do another on Labor Day. Always find treasures. Best part are the tagsales set up throughout town on those days. I return in the fall with so much vintage fabric/linens, buttons, sewing memorbilia to add to the “collection”. Mabelle (Mabs), Judy’s mom-in-law, left behind a very old Kenmore knee pedal machine. Its in a table that expands with amazing work space. It doesn’t have fancy features but I starts up every year and I’ve never had to adjust the tension! You’ve inspired me to finally make some runners this summer!

    HISTORY OF ANTIQUES: Grandma had it, Mama threw it, I bought it!!!

  2. These are all so bright and pretty for summer. Now I’m anxious to get one made up before July 4th. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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