Class ideas..

Sewing at the Beach 2012 is so far off it seems, but I have to have submissions into the guild before June 1st. Actually I was given an extra week due to a family memorial and now…. times up!

Inspiration: I have oddles of inspiration all around me, I just  have to open my eyes… I am surrounded by jasmine, still blooming by the way, and now magnolias and gardenias are adding their lovely scent. I have watched birds come and go with nests of birds… Voila… first class idea.

Did I mention that I have an orchid blooming since Jan. 25th… they are outstanding. It seems like I am surrounded by white flowers, so:


I also have some fun things like a blooming apron, crochet needle hook, suff-it stash it pincushion, and demonstrating my favorite free-motion techniques:

I’ll have many more postings on Sewing at the Beach 2012…. come back often and check it out!




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  1. Can’t wait to see more…love the sweet pillowcase!

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