Tablecloth Dress

You’ve heard of pillowcase dresses for girls….

Yep this dress is a table cloth….

My MIL loved red… the above red fabric is from a red round linen blend tablecloth. I chose it because it had a nice hand and drape, and I needed it to be cut on the bias. The white fabric is from a duvet cover that Rhonda gave me a couple years back. Everyone needs a Rhonda… she hand-me downs several treasures and this duvet cover had an ink spot in the  middle that I have used in several projects! Anyway…

This dress I bought at a thrift store 3 years ago for a wedding. I love this dress on me! It is all linen and lined, it’s so comfortable and I wear and wash it by  hand. I copied it to make the red dress. When choosing a garment for copying the pattern, pick clean and easy lines. This was a perfect candidate. The biaz cut skirt is two seams,the bodice is empire cut with darted front and back pieces. The lining makes it even better (I hate facings… they never lay right.) Also choosing a classic style makes it always in style.

I like the wider cut shoulder straps so my bra straps don’t show!  This dress has a side zipper which I also like better than a back center seam zipper for a cleaner look.

What’s in your buffet drawer???


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