Recycled Yarn sweater remake

When my friend Rhonda gave me the linen blouse that I copied the pattern from, she also gave me a fabulous Silk/cotton blend sweater. It was a XL boxy pullover.
I forgot to take a picture of it before I took it completely apart but, I snapped a photo of the sleeve. For the most part a sweater knitted in production has fewer knots and basically the entire front and then back are one complete ball of yarn. The shoulder sections maybe be tricky and produce a small ball of yarn, and I use this to knit a swatch.

When Un-knitting a sweater start by making sure your sweater is a good candidate for this. The seams must NOT be serged at the arms-eye or side seams. If a sweater is only serged at the shoulder seams then you can salvage the yarn. The Blue purple sweater was chain-stitched together and came apart like a breeze.

This pink sweater is another one I am currently salvaging yarn.. A yummy Pima Cotton … soooo soft! This sweater was serged at the shoulders but chain-stitched at the sides. I first remove all tags and labels carefully

This is what you want to see for an arms-eye seam. See how the edges are not cut. This means you can unravel the knitting in one piece.

You want to find that at every seam so ripping apart is easy. You-Tube has some videos that show you how to find the beginning of the chain, once that is found, one pull and the seam in un-done. Start at the neck line, next are the shoulders, then side seams… usually from sleeve to hem, then remove the sleeves.

From this to ….

Back to my blue/purple yarn

I wanted a simple to knit, easy/fast knit, summer cropped sweater. Knitting from the top down is the fast and easiest…. and this pattern/formula works every-time for me. It’s called The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater  and you can find it here:

The really cool thing about this is that it’s a formula,  you plug in the measurements to fit your body, then you knit a swatch with your yarn and your needles… whatever you have. You measure the swatch and then using this formula you have a pattern to fit you with your yarn and your needles. I have used this several times and have the best results everytime.  It just works!

I have one more sleeve on the pink but this is the same “pattern” for both sweaters!!

Raglan sleeves are so flattering and fit so well. Then the bonus is that knitting from the top down is so fast, no seams and you can try it on as you go!!!


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