They Came!!

I couldn’t finish my Linen blouse…. Buttons…

Janice Ferguson to the rescue!! WOOHOO!!

Tiny lavender pearl buttons! Aren’t they perfect! This is my sleeve, oh, and with such a close up I can see I need to trim my treads a bit closer!

Have you ever put buttons on with a sewing machine?

Most machine companies make a foot for their machines to put buttons on… The foot looks like a half square. On My viking I just take off the snap on foot and use the shank as a”holder.” With this Bernina, I was too lazy and too excited to see the finished garment so I just took off the foot… Drop your feed teeth and zero your stitch length. Set a zig-zag width by hand turning the wheel to get a zig to go into the hole, and then a zag to fit in the next whole by adjusting the width number.

Keep your thread tail out of the way by holding them and then clip them the same length. Thread the top thread tails with a hand sewing needle and pull them through to the back and knot. Clip clean….

This “flower” Pin was given to me by my Daughter-in-Law’s Mother, Patty. In Patty’s church, there is a group of Ladies called the “Succotash Sisters.” They make and sell a little bit of this and a little bit of that (thus the name Succotash.)

Patty sent me this flower and isn’t a perfect match! This whole outfit is coming along wonderfully!!

Oh… I mentioned the supply issue living here… check out how much thread I have to make the buttonholes… I am probably going to have to use some matching embroidery thread!!! I may make it though…. I’m determined!

Once again it took way longer to post than to actually put the buttons on… so give it a try on the machine…. super speed!


2 responses

  1. Lovely lavender linen. I need to push myself to use more features on my machine!
    Some women have sisters and others have “sisters”. When in WNY I do weekly outings with my dear “sisters” from grade school (Blessed Trinity aka BT). We call ourselves The BT Cruisers; and we brake for any fabric, craft, thrift store, roadside trash & tagsale!!!

    1. I am really blessed, because I have both “Sisters” in my life, and they are all polar opposites! I still think I can convert corporate Judy!!!LOL
      Do try a new stitch from your sewing machine. Challenge yourself to learn something new from your machine it’s fun. What brand do you sew with?

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