Shower Gifts

I am going on Saturday to a Shower for my new Daughter-in-Law, Shelly. I am so thrilled and happy to have Shelly in my family and she and my son Brent are so happy! It’s fun to be around them!

Anyway… The post…. the shower, it’s a household shower so, I monogrammed this basket and added two sets of towels with the same monogram. Then I made matching his and her’s spa towels with elastic and velco.
See, I added straps at the top with an extra hand towel I purchased for her straps and his pocket. I didn’t add straps the “his” towel……

I had 40 shirts to put a logo on today and each one had a piece of perfect tissue paper wrapped inside. SO I saved each piece. I stuffed the middle of each piece into the basket with the towels monogrammed soap. The tuffs of tissue made the whole basket so cute and full!


One response

  1. I love this. The basket is the finishing touch to a perfectly presented present.

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