Shirt copy and remake

My Girlfriend Rhonda gave me a present. She found an XL large Linen shirt and a Silk and cotton blend knitted sweater at a thrift store. This is the shirt. It has terrific detail design element, but my body should never ever wear cream and orange.  I started cutting up the shirt for the pattern before I took a picture, so this sort of what it looked like. The Shirt was an XL and I am about a medium. So I tried it on and made general notes for alterations in length and width.

Last Summer at the annual Side walk sales, I pick through a bin marked .49 each. I found a 100% linen shirt and the matching shell top in light lavendar. They had sun fade spots and a few minor pulls with one hole where the tag must have been ripped away and torn through.

I knew there was enough fabric to make this shirt even cutting around the imperfections…. and at $1.00 in the process I couldn’t really go wrong. SO I cut apart the shirt making the “pattern” with corrections to fit me. I cut off the waist band of the skirt and started cutting the big main pieces first.

I liked this shirt because the clever way this shirt used princess seams, and an added waist partial band at the sides. It has a thinning effect… ooooh and we all like that!I had a challenge…. Thread. This may sound strange, but sewing shops are hard to find in my area. We have a few quilting stores a bit a drive away from where I live. So sometimes the simple thing can present the largest problem. I found one spool of thread. I would have loved to sort of matched the fabric and used the serger, but… no-go. Then the problem added to the garment. I tucked and stitched the seam under on all the seams. It made the very elegant I think. It took a tad bit longer, but I like top-stitching.

I have a collar tip. I am not sure where I learn this, but… first sew across the top only.Then press seams to the underside of the collar.Now Stitch the ends of the collar with the seams folded down to the underside.

Then turn. The points come out perfect, and this is with out pressing. I just turned… and perfect points!

Next all you have to do it press and top-stitch…

I only have the sleeves basted in , it’s not hemmed yet and no buttons have been selected… so there is more work but here it is..

and the reason for thisi shirt remake.. the side detail…


2 responses

  1. It’s been said that a silk purse cannot be made from a sow’s ear. This is not true. Terri Click can! Fabulous!!!!!!

    1. I have never heard that! I’m debating on buttons at present. I also changed the sleeve ends a bit by adding a placket and button for some detail there.

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