Sewing in the Jasmine

Enter into my sewing area….. This little fenced door enters into a private deck, but above it is my screened-in porch/ironing deck. Through that is my sewing room.

This is absolutely my favorite time of the year to iron. This little screened-in area is just for that purpose. It also houses a treadle sewing machine and sewing rocking chair just to enjoy and bring the outdoors into my sewing area! It’s like I sew in a tree house like the Swiss family Robinson’s would!!

I wanted to call my blog “My Blue Bike” because this is my bike, and I ride it with all my monogramming downtown to drop off customers items and then to pick up the next days work of monogramming.  I usually can make it there and back (only about 3 miles one way….) and hit all my stores faster than if I drive. This is mainly due to the fact that I can’t parallel park and I have to park in a lot behind Mr. Hamps Hardware store and walk around to all my stores.  The upstairs area is my sewing room and right now the scent is terrific! Isn’t the Jasmine wonderful, and it hasn’t hit it’s peak yet! I am blogging about this because my Friend Janice wrote about her jasmine… and well…. I had to too!!!


5 responses

  1. This is absolutely magical! Who needs easy care fabrics when you have a place like this to iron? Your jasmine is spectacular!

  2. What a wonderful path thru the jasmine to your “work” area!!! Women who say they doesn’t like or have time to sew/iron just haven’t discovered that space in their home they could “retreat” to. What is more relaxing than pressing freshly laundered vintage linen napkins or an old feedsack?!?

    One project, like one cookie, is never enough…

    1. People have asked me “how do I finish so much and do I ever sleep?” The number one hurdle for most women creating is hauling all the “stuff” out then putting it all back away. Creating makes a mess…. but if you have a space and it is organized in a way to manage the mess you can keep it all out and save all that time hauling in and out. I love ironing. In fact my Husband shirts are starched and pressed and color-coded hung in his closet right now. My Table linens look resplendent ! In the middle of the summer when it’s too hot and too sticky it’s another thing, and wrinkles are “in!”

  3. […] Love Birds  die cut pillow with freemotion work. 6 hour day class Thursday January 19th. Using die cuts and a freemotion quilting and couching  make a pillow or turn yours into a simple tote bag. This is open to all machines types, must have a freemotion foot or darning foot for your machine. Lots of room for design changes and styles. This particular design was inspired by my Jasmine from this post: […]

  4. hey mom! after seeing these pictures i realize how badly i need to pick up some iron and possibly make you some new wrought (sp?) hinges for that gate… send me sketches and i will see what i can do!

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