Dresden plates

Two Years ago I was in Noblesville Indiana, shopping a downtown antiques  mall plundering through all the goodies. I ran across a brown bag and two 16″ Dresden Plate blocks all hand stitched using old feed sacks. In the bag were some pieces cut and scrap pieces of feed sacks. 30 dollars and two years later I have all 12 blocks complete, by hand!I washed, and hung them on the line before I squared them up and then I prepared sashings. I want to do this quilt as much in the fashion as my Grandmother would have done. Since I volunteer at the farm this is helpful in demonstrating and letting the kids see. This is a slower process, but I am really enjoying the journey on this. I did however machine stitch the sashings on because after mending the found quilts (earlier posts) I saw the need for strength and durability.

Now, I want to plan an old fashioned quilting bee to sandwich, roll and hand quilt with a feather and fan motif. Anyone want to join in on the fun. I want to do this out at the farm and make it a special day out there. … More on that later


2 responses

  1. Hi Terri , I have taken several of your classes,, Would love to be in on the old fashion quilting bee. I love your blog

    1. Then, I will keep you posted! As of yet nothing is planned… But I will let you know!! Thanks, It’s a new blog so I am learning all the time keep coming back as I grow~ Terri

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