Living Farm

I volunteered at The Larry Paul Living Farm this past weekend. Here is a Link:

I demonstrate sewing on a treadle machine used on a farm back in those times. I absolutely love doing this, I work on of-the-time projects such as aprons and quilts and enjoy myself  so much. I mean it’s a perfect day, talking and sewing… my two favorite hobbies!

It’s such a quiet peaceful place. In the same room demonstrating was Cathy. Cathy was spinning her own angora roving into yarn.Cathy was so delightful, I learned so much about Angora rabbits and spinning. Her wheel was so quiet and is was mesmerizing to watch her spin. I so want angora rabbits and to spin… (I know ANOTHER hobby??)

In the Kitchen they were making biscuits and pork and rice and corn cakes all with the old time wood cook stove.  Biscuits never tasted better and butter is out of this world when churned and then slathered on the biscuits… YUM! It was definitely the popular spot of the day! The wood burner kept us warm because it was a chilly breeze going through that shot gun house! I want a wood burner now too!! But what I really want is the pantry.Living was so simple then and really “Less  is more” in so many ways. After dealing for over two months with all my MIL’s stuff I came up for air to see the simple life was soooooo much easier and less stressful. You knew what you had to do, you did and you got it done! It wasn’t easier physically, but mentally it was.


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