Repairing a scrap quilt

Here is a picture of the quilt I mended… I’m so tickled, it’s about 2 feet shorter, but I was able to salvage the pieces to mend the remaining!

Here is an up-close shot of my “patching” job. There appears to be a pattern but it was forgotten along the way and it sort of turned random. I tried to establish the pattern over the holes and tears and missing chunks. It was fun to just patch and move on, not a lot of planning…


4 responses

  1. The old quilts are fabulous! The repairs are so well done that they look original. Great job–and fun, too! It’s wonderful to see them put to use rather than being put in the landfill.

    1. Me too…. I hate waste, and I really like these quilts. You can definitely tell the difference in person and up close. The fabric is whiter!! Also the quality of fabric is so much denser with todays fabric… but I’m happy with it! Thanks for looking! Terri

  2. Did you save the pieces that had to be cut away? I’ve used them for collages, sachets, greeting cards.

    1. I used about every scrap making bias trim to use on the arms-eye seam… Sort of like a Hong Kong Finsh. Normally I would save for some sort of crazy patch!

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