I Make Bibs!

I make Bibs for a Children’s Boutique in our town. I make whatever the season requires or specialty bibs such as monogrammed or Christening.

I have several shapes and styles that I use but my thriftiness is that I “recycle” the main white fabric.

I alter Chef coats for a restaurant that goes through a lot of coats. The sleeve lengthens come in long, and they need the sleeves to be above the elbow. SO I cut off anywhere between 5″ and 8″ off the sleeve. Well, what to do with that scrap of fabric???? I can’t just throw it away… NO! I cut open the sleeve tubes. You can see two in this photo, at the bottom. On the top which you can’t see too well is the two tubes of fabric opened flat and sewn together with right sides together and then top-stitched neatly down.

I fold that fabric in half and cut out the shape of the bib I am making.

See the small seem kind of at shoulder… Now I either bind or Line the back with a fashion /print fabric, whatever the customer wants.


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