I didn’t sew or use a needle to make this but I had to post. Every fall the popcorn trees bloom. I love these trees! In a wooded old cow pasture I found a bounty this past fall. So, I harvested the little stems and bundled them over the winter to dry.

I was doing some yard work last week when it was actually wonderful to be outside and had to cut back a wild grape vine. I wrapped it in to a wreath/circle shape and let it “dry for a week.

bundlesThese are my bundles of dried popcorn stems. I then just broke off the long stem parts so that the popcorn tops had about an 1-2 inch stems and hot glued them into the vine of the wreath. Nothing special or fancy wiring, just hot glue and shoving the stems and popcorns into the wreath until covered. No cost and really a terrific wreath to enjoy for years!

Linked to: http://southernlovely.blogspot.com/ wreath party!


2 responses

  1. This is lovely! I wish I had a popcorn tree or your inspiration to make pretty things with what I have on hand. I really like the premise of your blog. I’ll be following it for more ideas. Thanks!

    1. Oh WOW.. you are my first person…. Thank you for your kind words and I hope I can inspire you more…

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