Up cycled Hand Towels

handtowelI am updating my Bathroom…. So I was playing around with color and hanging the towels and changing everything around for spring.

At the same time in my Goodwill bucket lay three shirts that had to go. The above is my husbands twill button down shirt. For the most part it was stained and too tight, but the sleeves were in excellent condition with great fabric. All I did was cut it out, add a little ruffle, rick-rack and embroidery… This is also an gift idea for Easter…hummmm

towel rackHere is my towel rack that I am trying to dress-up. I’m not loving the arrangement but the two end white hand towels are linen made from two of my shirts in the Goodwill pile. I kept all the cuff plackets and slits for  design elements. I saved the other two as teacher gifts which I will monogram their initials as a spring/Easter gift. The details on the right-hand towel include a white on white candlewicking floral design. I’ll get better with photography, baby steps… I learned how to upload with this post.


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