My challenge for this year…

I have a stash… which I prefer to call a collection…. of fabrics and textiles. The word “stash” kinda is an ugly term…. sort of demeaning. On the other hand a “collection” has value.  I also  feel like I have to hide my stash, but a collection can be out in public…


I do want to start using my collection. My collection has grown and I feel that I have enough that i could conceivably not add to this collection for an entire year and reduce this collection to a more managable size.

Starting A Collection

Reusing and putting to use all this good stuff is also frugal and thrifty! I acquired most of this collection by either hand-me downs, gifts a fabric, “scores” at fabric sales and purchasing good buys. I am always on the look out for “good deals of textiles at any estate, yard thrift and fabric stores sales. For years I have benefited by people just giving me unwanted “treasures” so now… I must use them.

This is why I actually started this web site to document what can be achieved WITHOUT spending a fortune.


7 responses

  1. I love your philosophy. I envy your skill. I admire your creativity. I want your energy! This is fabulous.

  2. What a great blog this is! I’ve just found out that my surplus fabric, left over lace, and bags of buttons are a collection! And a fabulous one, if I do say so myself. Thanks for educating me and making me appreciate my …uhh…valuable collection even more.

    1. Oh you don’t need educating… and your stash is probably like hitting gold! Thank you for your kind words! I am learning about this blogging thing and it has it’s challenges, but I will over-come! Terri

  3. Hello Teresa. Haven’t seen you since Judy & Peter’s wedding in ’89! Your older sis has always raved about your fab projects. So glad she forwarded the link to this wonderful blog. 10 yrs ago I started quilting again after a long hiatus. My challenge recently is to use what I have in my “collection”. I’ll be checking back soon for more inspiration. From the heart…Paula.

    1. Hello Paula… I feel like we should be sisters, Judy talks so much about you! I’m glad you started quilting again, your work is amazing! I would love to see your quilts!

  4. Teresa there are a few quilts in an album on my Facebook profile: Paulette Heinle Miller. Uploading/downloading photos is more challenging than quilting!

    Finishing up a pinwheel block throw, using white-on-white fabric and assorted polka dots, all from my collection. When I return to western NY for the summer, a favorite quilt shop will make sure it’s given to a transplant support group. From their website it sounds like most of the people do not receive a transplant in time. The quilts are draped at the foot of their bed until the family takes it home after the patient is gone. There are so many wonderful organizations who distribute quilts, pillowcases, and little dresses to others less fortunate than we are. But that’s a whole other topic!

    Piece by piece…stitch by stitch…life’s a beautiful patchwork!

    1. At present I am having facebook issues, but I really want to go back and see your quilts. I love your spirit for quilting and giving. I help make wee-care baby gowns for premature babies and have worke don CASA bags. I to0 could go on about giving back and giving out… maybe that is a topic I will cover. Piece by Piece.. Stitch by stitch it is a beautiful life!

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